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With us, you’re a gem.

This is how we Ruby.

True, we answer over 250 calls a day—but that’s like measuring a latte by the height of its foam. Rubys are renowned for their heartfelt expressiveness, relentless positivity, unshakeable community-mindset, and general readiness to drop whatever they’re doing and party. (As long as they’re not, you know, working.)

We believe in Swellness.

People ask us why we’re so happy. And the answer is, because we work at it. The concept of Swellness is one aspect of the job—an ongoing wellness program that includes everything from fitness classes to personal development workshops, to community events, and beyond.

Our culture is people-powered.

From our annual Space Kitten Pizza Party to our quarterly Ruby Zine, we consider it our business to empower our Ruby’s in their preferred forms of self-expression. If you’ve got a secret skill worthy of Ruby’s Got Talent or a not-so-secret enthusiasm for competitive kickball, you might be cut from the same tie-dye cloth.

Ready to join the Ruby Family?

Check out our radical digs.

If you haven’t caught on yet, we think work should be fun. Which should explain the air hockey tables, the cube decor, the almost-troubling amount of baked goods, and so on.


Portland, OR
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